Who Is H.E.S. pt. 2

Maintains a Student File to include:

  • Birth Certificate
  • Health Record
  • Immunization Record or Immunization Waiver
  • Yearly Academic Documentation
  • Test Results
  • Official Transcript

Has an Articulation Agreement with:

  •     State College of Florida* for Dual-Enrollment of Students
  •      Pasco-Hernando Community College Dual-Enrollment
  •      Hillsborough Community College
  •      Articulation Agreement with the Florida Virtual School for Middle School and High   School Students

Students eligible to attend: (with test verification)

  • Sarasota County Technical Institute
  • Manatee Technical Institute

Can apply on-line for:

  • Florida Bright Futures Scholarships
  • Other State Funded Scholarships

Provides Parents and Students with:

  • Knowledge that our certified teachers put the students’ academics paramount
  • Support and Encouragement
  • Experienced Administrator and Advisor
  • High School Diploma requirements
  • Curriculum Counseling
  • PSAT Testing in October
  • Monthly Parent and Teen informational meetings
  • High School Graduation with Cap, Tassel, Gown and Diploma
  • Official Transcripts sent to colleges and universities

*Due to legislative change of 7/1/13, SCF has revised its policy regarding tuition fees, therefore Articulation Agreement is on hold*

Horizon Educational Systems is a non-public school founded in August, 2001.  Co-founder Debra Dykes is the principal and administrator since its inception.  HES is listed in the Florida Department of Education’s data base of Private Schools as a non-denominational private school, founded in 2001 to provide Christian and non-Christian families a private school option for use in their parent-directed education programs. Its geographic area is not limited and currently serves or has served families in Manatee, Hillsborough, Polk, Lee, Osceola, Dade, Pinellas, Sarasota, and all other Florida counties as well as the remainder of the United States.  HES is an international school with students currently enrolled in Brazil.
Horizon Educational Systems is an innovative private school that believes that when presented with the various educational choices available to them, the best educational choices directly involve decisions made by the parents and their children. These decisions affect children much more than it affects their parents or their school.

High School Student options:

  • Follow Florida policy regarding high school graduation requirement
  • Acceptance of  the HES high school course catalog for credit
  • Take college level courses and receive high school and college credit for the same course – college tuition and fees waived
  • Technical/Career school – earn high school credits and career certification – tuition, books, and fees waived
  • Florida Virtual School online classes – high school credits

Grade 6-8 Options:

  • Florida Virtual School online classes

All Grade Level Options K-12:

  • Computer based, DVD, or text book and workbook courses taken at home, libraries, college or other school campuses, or other locations.

The co-founders began their parent-directed education of their six children with their oldest daughter in 1989 when she was entering second grade. She has subsequently earned a  University of South Florida (Magna Cum Laude) as well as becoming a National Board-Certified teacher in 2006.  The second daughter graduated from University of South Florida (Summa Cum Laude, second in her class) with five teaching certifications.   A son has received his Associates Degree and another daughter is currently 4.0 gpa with pending Associates Degree in 2014 from State College of Florida.

The HES “mission statement” includes helping parents and students select courses and methods of study that fit the following minimum criteria:

  • Maintain the student’s interest while meeting scholastic goals per the State guidelines of Florida
  • Meet or exceed the minimum graduation requirements of the state.
  • Assist families in acquiring scholarships or other grants in aid to further higher education.
  •  Allow parents and students to control the level of “political correctness” in their education strategy and to pass on the values and traditions of their family without outside interference.
  • Help families make the best use of their educational dollars, enjoying the opportunities of instruction with the certified teachers of HES

Parental Responsibility Regarding Education
We live in a nation that requires support of a secular public school system. Parents and others, whether they are Christian, Jewish, etc., are required to support this system even if they object to the methods and curriculums being used as well as the outcomes.
Horizon Educational Systems was established espousing a broad parental obligation regarding the total education of children. We believe this obligation exists regardless of creed, race, or gender. The following reference is apropos of the development of the mission statement and our overall philosophy of education, utilizing the teachers within HES. Other scripture translations have a narrower emphasis rather than the one below which includes a more detailed description of the relationship between parents, children, the state, and the rights and obligations of each. This is indicative of our philosophy of education.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Choices for high school students include, but are not limited to, dual enrollment at various community colleges, early admission status at Florida colleges and universities, dual enrollment at technical or career oriented schools, the Florida Virtual School which offers regular, honors, and Advanced Placement courses, online courses from various sources, courses on CD’s, DVD’s, and video, correspondence courses, textbooks, workbooks, or teaching at home, libraries or other setting by HES certified teachers or private tutors. From these various sources are drawn the plan that fits the goals and dreams of each student and their family AND complies with State course requirements towards graduation.

While HES is non-traditional in that it is not a brick-and-mortar school building, the coursework is traditional and mirrors the HES high school course catalog, matching the State course numbers.   This is especially important for athletes seeking to participate on the collegiate level and becoming eligible in the NCAA.

HES graduates have been among those who have received Bright Futures Scholarships (Academic Scholars, Merit Scholarship, Gold Seal Vocational Scholarship), National Merit Scholarship commendation, and Robert C. Byrd Honors Scholarship.   Among HES approximately 150 high school graduates, Daniel Galle (class of 2002) has earned his medical degree while serving in the United States Air Force.  HES has graduates in all branches of the military, fire departments and law enforcement as well as teaching in public schools and nursing in area hospitals.  Several graduates earned their Associates of Arts degree upon their high school graduation date.

HES is an open-enrollment K-12th grade school which also follows the Florida policy of “Uniform Transfer of Credits” accepting high school credits from other public, private and home-educated transcripts based on semester or College Board exam scoring probationary review.  https://www.flrules.org/gateway/ruleno.asp?id=6A-1.09941

Because HES is a non-public (private) school according to the State of Florida’s Department of Education, it is not and cannot be defined as a home education program.  HES does permit public, other private schools and home-educated students to participate in the annual PSAT exam (in October) as well as in our high school graduation ceremony held in mid-May.  Diplomas are awarded by Circuit or County Judges, and are only provided upon completion of the State of Florida’s high school requirements (with the exception of the FCAT).  HES does require an exit exam with minimum SAT score of 750 or ACT score of 14 or their equivalent with the PERT or other standardized tests.

~Debra Dykes